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Legend has it Charles Alderton, a young pharmacist from Waco Texas worked at a local pharmacy, where he served carbonated soft drinks at the soda fountain

After noting customers soon tired of drinking the same old flavours, Alderton experimented blending several fruit-based flavours and Dr Pepper was born

Patrons in Waco suggested naming the new drink after pharmacy owner Dr Charles Pepper


Robert S. Lazenby & J.B. O’Hara introduce Dr Pepper to over 20 million people attending the World Fair Exposition in St. Louis.

1910 – 1914

Dr Pepper identified using the slogan King of Beverages

1920 – 1950

Drink a Dr Pepper at 10, 2 & 4 o'clock


Dr Pepper the Friendly Pepper’Upper


Dr Pepper Diet introduced as Dietetic Dr Pepper


Dr Pepper becomes the most original soft drink ever in the whole wide world


Dr Pepper, you’ll love it hot


Dr Pepper celebrates 100 year anniversary


Dr Pepper Diet reimagined


Dr Pepper introduces new flavours like Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper, Dr Pepper Berries & Cream, and  Diet Cherry Chocolate Dr Pepper


Dr Pepper celebrates 125 year anniversary